Do it yourself bento picks!

So as I promised here’s a how to for those cute squirrel and acorn picks that I made for The Youngest’s acorn themed bento the other day. You’ll only need two things to get started: stickers and wooden toothpicks. Simple right? The one thing you might keep in mind is the style of sticker you choose. You’ll need two for each pick that have to be either the same size and shape as well a symmetrical or the same size and shape and a mirror of one another. Here’s a picture of the ones I chose.

The flowers are actually circles so those are perfect. The pumpkins are mostly symmetrical, as are the wreaths and candies, they only needed a little trimming. The critter stickers actually had quite a few mirror images and ended up working great as well. Play around a little till you spot something that will work.

Now that you’ve picked your stickers you can get started. With clean hands on a clean work surface place one of a pair of matched stickers sticky side up. Like this:

Easy right? Then carefully line up the matching sticker and press together, so that the top of the toothpick is sandwiched between the two stickers. Take a look:

This took a little practice, but since the supplies cost about 3 bucks, I was able to make a few mistakes and not be sick about it! Then, check it out:

Lots of super cute bento picks for cheap, cheap, cheap!! What do you think? I’m on the look out for more stickers all the time, so let me know if you guys come across any! If you try this out, post some pics for me on the bentofabulous Facebook page. I would totally love it!

Talk to you later,


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Squirrels and Acorns

Today was a squirrelly kind of day. Not really sure why, we just seemed to be having the kind of morning where everything seemed a little “nuts”. You know what I mean, right?

In honor of the start of our day, I made The Youngest a squirrel and acorn bento.

In it she had an acorn shaped tuna sandwich, with cucumbers and ranch dip in the small apple container. Along with it she also had these things called Raisels that I picked up in Walmart. They are basically golden raisins with a sour watermelon flavor added to them. They are quite delicious, which made me assume that they weren’t too good for you, but I checked out their website and it seems they are a pretty healthy alternative to your standard fruit snack. (which I hate to buy!) Either way, The Youngest loved them and as a treat she was happy. This bento also has little chocolate acorn treats that The Girls and I made last night adapted from a recipe I found here. The squirrel and acorn picks are cute right? I made them! I’ll post a how-to for them later, I will tell you that they are super simple and a great way to expand your bento supply stash. Especially for someone like me who pretty much has to mail order most of our supplies.

Then we have the squirrelly snack from that day as well.

In this snack The Youngest had a tiny clementine, sliced plums underneath grapes on a pick that she got off of a cupcake at a birthday party at school. She got off the bus with this the other day, and the conversation went something like this: Her: “Mommy look what I got for you off of Drew’s cupcakes today at school! A bento pick!” Me: “OOhh that’s a good one, thanks. Honey-do your teachers think I’m crazy??” Her: “Yes Mom, but they like you anyway” Doh! The Youngest is asking for the picks on school cupcakes to bring home to me for her bentos! Am I embarrassed? A little, but I love it!! Anyway, this snack also has cheese and cracker snacks along with a pack of Buddy Fruits. Notice that I’m trying to find a better alternative to those blasted fruit snacks of the Spongebob and princess variety? Any suggestions?

Well that’s all for today, exept I’ll leave with a picture I snapped after The Girls went to school today of a squirrel who obviously knew what kind of day I was having.

Yes, that is the screen on my slider door.

Have a great day,


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Bright and Early Bento Lunch

See-I told you!! I managed not only to make The Oldest’s lunch this morning, but also to snap a pretty decent picture of it.  Mind you it’s not very exciting,  we are in need of a produce grocery shop, but I did it.  So without any more delay, here it is, the mysterious lunch of an almost 13 year old (I’m not allowed to refer to her as 12 anymore).  Drumroll please . . . . . . . .

See, I told you it wasn’t very exciting.  This is what she wanted, so this is what she got.  It’s jasmine rice with toasted sesame seeds and popcorn chicken in the bottom tier.  Along with grapes on Halloween picks in the top.  She also had a container of her prize winning banana bread and matzoh cookies frm the country fair this weekend to share with her friends.  Did I mention The Girls entered our local country fair?  The Youngest won first for her pumpkin that she decorated and The Oldest won two 1st’s and one 3rd for her baking skills.  I couldn’t be more proud!

Here’s The Youngest’s Trashless Tuesday snack.  See I didn’t forget! In it she has a clementine “pumpkin” some grapes on Halloween picks, goldfish crackers and some chocolate cereal as a treat in the cupcake.

And there you have it.  Today’s bentos, posted TODAY!  Gotta run though, they just called me in to work!

Have a great day!


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