Make-your-own-sandwich and a Jack O’ Lantern lunch

Is this month flying by or what? My to do list keeps getting longer and I don’t seem to be getting a lot of it done. Mostly I just want to cozy up on the couch and watch T.V. Maybe its the advent of the cooler weather that makes me want to be such a home body or maybe it’s that fact that it’s dark at 5:30. Whatever it is, I sure do love this time of year. Makes me feel like baking and taking long walks and picking apples. What’s your favorite thing to do this time of year?

Now we move on to the bentos, I have two days worth for you. First Thursday’s:

This is The Oldest’s, it’s a Make-Your-Own sandwich in a neat box we picked up at Old Navy last year. In it she has a ciabatta roll with ham, salami and honey turkey. On the other side she has baby carrots in a spider cup, red and green grapes on our homemade picks (you can find the how to here) and a bag of yummy chocolate drizzled caramel popcorn.

This is the Youngest’s snack from Thursday, not very pretty I know, but all her favorites so it was gobbled right up! In it she had a clementine split in half and decorated with food doodlers to look like Jack O’ Lanterns. The one on the right sure is looking menacingly at the other, don’t you think? There is also a small orange wedge, some grapes on picks, a tiny jello and some pieces of chocalate chip waffle. She didn’t have a very good breakfast, so this was a great morning snack for her.

Here’s a shot of her lunch, a ham and cheese sandwich cut into Jack O’ Lanterns with a sandwich cookie cutter I bought at Target, a spider jello, some grapes on skull and crossbones picks and some oranges wedges. Also mostly eaten, only some oranges were left.

Now on to today’s bentos:

Here’s a peek at The Youngest’s morning snack. She has a clementine Jack O’ Lantern, some goldfish and a little chocolate dizzled carmel popcorn.

The is the “sidecar” bento for her lunch that day. Since she brought a thermos with last night’s dinner leftovers in it all she needed was a few extras to go with it. In this sandwich box from the grocery store she had a cut up cheese stick, a few mini cheese crackers, a half of an apple carved with a Jack O’ Lantern face and a few grapes with another one of out homemade picks. Isn’t he cute?

That’s all for today, this week had been a busy one for us. Hoping to relax this weekend with the family, maybe go pick up our pumpkins finally!

Have a great weekend,

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Owls and Spiders and Bats, Oh My!!

Just a quick post before work to show off The Youngest’s snack bento for today.  She didn’t peek at this while I was making it, so it will be a suprise.  Can’t wait to hear how she liked it.

ETA: Not sure how my text was erased, but the original post had all the grammer mistakes corrected and a description of the bento! You guys must have thought I was losing it! Anyhow, this bento has a donut hole bat with wings made of fruit leather, a clementine Jack O’ Lantern, spooky green grapes on owl picks and fruit juice gel in a silicone spider cup we picked up at Target!  By the way, this was very much appreciated by The Youngest!

Have a great night,



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And it starts all over again . . . . (plus Trashless Tuesday #4)

Here we go again, Monday. This weekend flew by, but I’m not really sure where it flew off to. It’s okay another one is right around the corner. In the meantime, I’ll pass the time making bentos for The Girls. Yesterday I managed to snap another (can you believe it) picture of The Oldest’s lunch. I must really be on a roll.

In her lunch she had sliced green grapes in a cute spider silicone cup that I purchased at Target. They were $4.99 for six. These a pretty cool with little legs coming off the side of the cups, I may actually have to make cupcakes in them. For sure jello. The ghost flags are from The Dollar Tree, I can usually find pretty neat seasonal items there. In this tier she also has some baby Swiss flavored Cheez-its. In the bottom tier she has left over creamy garlic pasta and chicken cutlet from the night before’s dinner. Baby carrots round out the bottom tier. That gorgeous star cookie was from a batch we made over the weekend, The Oldest decorated this one herself. Pretty good don’t you think?

The Youngest’s lunch was pretty much the same thing, here a picture of her morning snack yesterday.

She has a stacked cheese star, some Halloween marshmallows, some checkerboard apples and ed and green grapes on jack o’ lantern and skull and crossbones picks. All packed in our trusty “4 square” lock n lock box. I love this thing!

Here is a picture of The Youngest’s Trashless Tuesday snack today, she’s buying grilled cheese at school for lunch today. The Oldest packed her own non-bento lunch today. I was helping The Youngest get ready for before school tennis clinic that starts at her school today. She was very excited.  In another note, I’m really starting to make this trashless thing a good habit,  I’ve found us using reusable drink containers even when it isn’t Tuesday.  As a bonus its saving me money on juice boxes too!

In our trusty lock n lock again, she has a stacked cheese flower, some cute Halloween sugar cookies, green grapes with a cute frog fork, and a Clementine “flower”, with one of our homemade birdy picks. (click here for the how to) She watched me pack this and was nibbling on the little cheese scraps while telling me that she couldn’t wait to have it and was not going to eat a big breakfast so she could eat it after tennis for breakfast at her morning snack. Whatever works right?

Well I’m off to work,
Have a great day,

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