Yet another Halloween snack . . .

Just a quick one, only have a shot of The Youngest’s snack today.  She bought her lunch at school today and The Oldest had a thermal jar filled with chicken ramen for her lunch.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling a little more creative, although I don’t have many supplies in the house for that right now.  We’re headed out of town this weekend (more about that tomorrow) and I’m avoiding a large grocery shop so food doesn’t go to waste! So for now all I have is this:

This is shot with the new camera I won on Ebay, not much difference yet but still haven’t mastered it’s many features, so stay tuned, hopefully my pictures will be improving!  Hoping to construct a lightbox in the very near future.  Anyway, in the bento snack The youngest has jello (that she HAD to decorate with this leaf confetti that I promptly REMOVED after the photo was taken!), a cheese stick made into to ghosts, some wheat thin crisps and a few grapes skewered on some Halloween picks.

That’s all for now, but I will leave you with this photo we took while our getting fresh apples and pumpkins this weekend.  I had shined up an apple for The Girls to try and we decided it was too pretty not to snap a picture!

Have a great night,



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