Do it yourself bento picks!

So as I promised here’s a how to for those cute squirrel and acorn picks that I made for The Youngest’s acorn themed bento the other day. You’ll only need two things to get started: stickers and wooden toothpicks. Simple right? The one thing you might keep in mind is the style of sticker you choose. You’ll need two for each pick that have to be either the same size and shape as well a symmetrical or the same size and shape and a mirror of one another. Here’s a picture of the ones I chose.

The flowers are actually circles so those are perfect. The pumpkins are mostly symmetrical, as are the wreaths and candies, they only needed a little trimming. The critter stickers actually had quite a few mirror images and ended up working great as well. Play around a little till you spot something that will work.

Now that you’ve picked your stickers you can get started. With clean hands on a clean work surface place one of a pair of matched stickers sticky side up. Like this:

Easy right? Then carefully line up the matching sticker and press together, so that the top of the toothpick is sandwiched between the two stickers. Take a look:

This took a little practice, but since the supplies cost about 3 bucks, I was able to make a few mistakes and not be sick about it! Then, check it out:

Lots of super cute bento picks for cheap, cheap, cheap!! What do you think? I’m on the look out for more stickers all the time, so let me know if you guys come across any! If you try this out, post some pics for me on the bentofabulous Facebook page. I would totally love it!

Talk to you later,


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5 Responses to Do it yourself bento picks!

  1. Lindsey says:

    Thank you!! Love it!

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