Trashless Tuesday

So I like a challenge.  Obviously I can be an overachiever.  Just look at my kid’s lunches.  I wanted to see if I could actually make a complete lunch and snack for The Girls with out any trash to throw out.  At all.  None.  Now you might be saying to yourself- Huh? I thought most of their lunches were already trashless.  Well they were, kinda, sorta.  If you go back through my previous posts you will see that I do use some prepackaged items, but my biggest purveyor of trash is our DRINKS.  You see, we rely heavily on juice boxes, drink pouches, water bottles and sports drinks.  I know, I know, they are evil.  But cut me some slack, I AM cutting sandwiches into stars and butterflies, so if I don’t always (read: never) use reusable drink bottles in their lunches it’s OK right?  Well I got to thinking- The Girls take lunch from home at least three times a week and The Youngest brings a snack from home every day.  Each one of those meals requires a drink of some sort, which translates to about eleven packaged drinks a week.  Wow! If that figure is about average (honestly sometimes it is definitely more), it means we probably use more than 450 prepackaged drinks a school year.  That’s a lot of garbage! Not to mention money! So I’ve decided to challenge ourselves to go completely waste free one day a week and this is how Trashless Tuesday was born.  The goal is to reduce our trash and have fun doing it.  This means no garbage, at all.  Want to see how we did?  This is The Youngest’s lunch that day:

OK I know it seems like a lot of stuff but going trashless requires some planning.  The Youngest had two reusable drink containers filled with lemonade, a reusable snack bag filled with popcorn, snack consisting of a jello cup, a small pear and a little container with blueberry mini wheats.  Lunch that day was PB and J “sushi rolls”, more of the crazy lime jello and cucumbers with ranch dip.  See that bear container?  That held a damp wash cloth for cleaning up sticky jelly on little fingers.  So what do you think? It was tough, but we did it and we plan on trying it again next week.  Maybe you all would like to have your own Trashless Tuesday.  If you do let me know how it works out!

Have a great night,



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2 Responses to Trashless Tuesday

  1. Mindy says:

    Very creative! Good work!! Those packaged drinks sure do add up–especially the money you spend on them. I’m sure this was just as appreciated!

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