Just another Monday.

Well it was back to the grind today.  Not sure where my weekends go, but they sure do pass by quickly! Made a trip to the local farmer’s market on Saturday and found some great things.  The Girls had their own money and bought pretzels from the bread and ravioli vendor.  They also both got to pick out our interesting veggie finds for the week.  The Oldest chose tri color carrots and baby bok choy.  Although she was a little disappointed when we peeled the purple carrots and they were orange inside. Sigh. The youngest chose seckel pears and two color mini summer squashes.  All the veggies are planned to go in bentos raw with dips.  The oldest brought some julienned carrots and baby bok choy with her today.  I’ll apologize now for the lack of photos, I really have to work on de-fuzzing the brain at that hour of the morning! In the meantime I can delight you with a phot of The Youngest’s lunch today.  See I’m not totally useless!

In the trusty Lock N Lock 4 square she has sliced kirby cucumbers with  little container of ranch dip, three mini pitas sliced in half with homemade grape jelly in the heart and a to go peanut butter pack along with a spoon for constructing do it yourself PB and J.  For an extra she had some Sunchips.  She loved this and said she would definitely take it again!

I’ll leave you with a couple more “lost” bentos.

This was a quickie to put together-it has mini waffle and Nutella sandwiches and a mini fruit roll up in the bottom tier.  Along with a clementine, sliced cucumbers, a Babybel cheese and Wheat Thins in the top tier.  Very easy to put together, somewhat healthy and mad The Youngest very happy.  What more could you ask for?

Another one of The Youngest’s DIY sandwich lunches.  She loves to make her own food, so we do this quite a bit.  This one has celery, clementine sections and a mini banana in one compartment.  A tiny cupcake in the next. With a cut up bagel thin and egg salad in the bottom two.  Another success, except this was the last time I packed egg salad in her lunch, not because she doesn’t like it, but because another child at her table told her “it smelled” so you know how that goes . . . . .

Hope you enjoyed today’s peek inside our lunch boxes, tune in tomorrow when I try out “Trashless Tuesday” and go completely waste free in their lunch boxes, with reusable drink containers and cloth napkins and everything.  We’ll see how that goes!

Have a great night!


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  1. Mindy says:

    I love all the DIY stuff! Kids just love that! Great ideas!

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