Where the heck have you been??

I know, I know its been a really, really long time!  My poor blog has been languishing in cyberspace in a permanent state of St. Patrick’s Day! Lately life has been getting in the way of my blogging, hopefully now that things have settled down I can get back here on a regular basis.  I HAVE still been making bentos though, so somehow over the next few days I’m going to have to catch you guys up on all of those, as well as post a couple of reviews on some great products I have been trying out.  Just to prove that my bento making has not gone by the wayside, here are a few of my lost bentos from the last six months!

In this one for The Oldest from the spring, there are sliced turkey and ham blossoms, broccoli trees, carrot flowers and salami in the top tier.  Along with rice krispie treat sushi, goldfish and slice cucumbers in the bottom tier.

This is another Spring bento, this time for The Youngest, in a Sassy box.  In it she has a frog PB and J sandwich with fruit leather and cheese details, cut out using a Lunch Punch cutter. Love, love these cutters! They add instant cute and come in really great styles! I’ve been lusting over the puzzle shapes, I may have to put that on this year’s Christmas list!   The Youngest also had a tiny mini banana, some sour gummi Life Savers and a sliced plum. Yum!


Here’s a snack of The Youngest’s, also obviously from the Springtime! This sports some tiny bunny shaped honey sandwiches, a Babybel cheese, some grapes on a bunny pick and in the cat container were a few jellybeans.

I promise there will be more “lost” bentos to come, as well as a belated first week of school post. The Girls are in first and eighth grades this year so trying to make lunches that will make them both happy is going to be a challenge! I hope after my long absence you all are as excited as I am about having some new posts!! As an apology for my slacking I plan to have another giveaway, so stay tuned. . . . . .

Hope to see you again soon,


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4 Responses to Where the heck have you been??

  1. Natakiya says:

    Yay! Welcome back :) It’s amazing how time can sneak up on you and months have passed very quickly somehow. The froggie sammie is so cute!!

    • Stephanie says:

      Thanks! I’m not sure where the time went!! When I actually realized it had been SIX months I freaked a little!! It’s great to be back though!

  2. Mindy says:

    Welcome back! I’m so glad to see your creations again!

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