Luck O’ the Irish Bento

Just a quickie post to show that I actually have been making bento, I couldn’t let the upcoming holiday go by with out posting at least one St. Patrick’s Day lunch.  Before you all go crazy, yes that is green bread.  I made it from scratch myself using this recipe: A Smaller Pain de Mie, it’s from the super excellent King Arthur Flour site, where you can find recipes to bake just about anything. I used this exact recipe and added copious amounts of green paste food coloring while it was mixing and there you have it-GREEN BREAD! Tasted delicious, as the husband said, “Yum, it doesn’t taste green . . . . .”

On to the bento!

First The Oldest’s, which is a tribute to Ireland’s flag.  She has a peanut butter sandwich on our green bread (see I told you it was green!), some Italian bread sticks and crunchy carrot sticks.  She also packed herself a little dessert pack with some marshmallows and koala cookies.


Next is The Youngest’s lunch, which is a little more exciting! In hers she has a shamrock cheese sandwich along with a leprechaun’s rainbow (sour Airhead tape) and a few snowmen marshmallows which we are calling leprechauns for this purpose! Maybe tomorrow I’ll get out the Food Doodlers and make them a little more detailed!  In the bottom half she also has a representation of the Irish flag, a stray piece of the sandwich with some ranch dressing in the cup (which is also tinted green), some fresh mozzarella and some thin carrot sticks. Pretty festive I’d say.

Just another note to check out what us bento folk are doing to help the efforts in Japan. You can read my post about it here and buy some awesome bento goodies for a good cause here.  I hear there is website in the works and I’ll keep you all updated when I know more.

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4 Responses to Luck O’ the Irish Bento

  1. Linsey says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE those bentos!! =)

  2. so cute, it would be hard to eat. I would look at it all day.

    Im your latest follower.

    I hope you follow back — from Follow me Back Tuesday.

  3. very cute and in the spirit of st. patty’s day! love it!

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