So here we go . . . . .

Probably a bad idea to give someone like me a place to chatter on about anything they are currently obsessed with.  Well it happened anyway, as much as I resisted, I did it anyway.  I started my own blog. Yuck.  After weeks and weeks of lurking and stalking at other blogs I realized something- I was pining away for one of my own, wishing I had a flashy, interesting blog that some anonymous person was reading and thinking how clever/brilliant/idiotic/full of myself/”insert favorite adjective here” - I WAS.  So after much prodding from some people in my life I’ve decided to do it.  Even though I have not a single imaginative thought in my head, (ok I have some, but it’s a lot of work) I had to come up with a name.  I did it – Bentofabulous.  Why? You ask. Mostly because my new-found love of making bento lunches for my kids is what has finally fueled this, because my Facebook friends are probably sick of me posting pictures of my children’s daily lunches and because it’s sort of become a new adjective in our house – a play on words if you will.

It won’t be all bentos all the time though, a woman cannot survive on lunch alone. Occasionally when I’m having a conversation (ranting) with someone about something, they will say to me – “Holy crap, you need to write a blog about that!” so now, I might just do that.  I guess this will be a work in progress, maybe someone will actually read it, maybe it will be just a place for me to remember that I actually have brain cells that work.  Or maybe not. One never knows.

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