Bento catch up and a sick day.

Well The Youngest and I are home today.  She’s got a bit of a stomach bug, probably acquired from The Husband as he had been suffering the last few days.  So here I am listening to her watch The Cat in The Hat on DVD, you know the one with Mike Myers.  I know that it’s quite stupid, but I can’t help chuckling at some of the more “adult” jokes.  So far she’s graced me with some obnoxious Disney Jr. shows, The Nightmare Before Christmas and now this.  Hopefully there will be a less demented choice next!  Although who couldn’t appreciate some of the lyrics to the tunes in “Nightmare”.  I mean really, “kidnap the Santy Claws, beat him with a stick  . . . . .” is a classic don’t you think?  :o I guess I know where she gets her strange taste from!

Now on to the bentos!!

This is a little “sidecar” bento I made to go along with a Thermos of leftovers that she brought for lunch.  The Thermos had one of her favorite dinners in it, that we call “Hamburger Surprise”  Why is it called that? Because that’s what my mother calls it.  Basically it’s browned diced onion mixed with some browned ground beef and tossed with a box of prepared macaroni and cheese.  Sometimes I throw a bag of baby peas in it too.  Homemade hamburger helper if you will.  It’s very yummy and super easy on a weeknight!  Anyway in the Crayola sandwich box from the grocery store (see you DON’T need special stuff!) are some red and green grapes, some little chick cheese crackers, a strawberry with Truvia for dipping in the little blue cup and some strawberry panda cookies from the Asian grocery. 



Next is a snack bento from that same day.  In a stainless steel container I picked up from Amazon, she has a feww grape kabobs on swizzle sticks, a tiny Lady apple, a mini yogurt and a pack of fruit snacks leftover from her birthday party.  The Youngest basically put this one together herself, pretty good job I think!


 Next is a picture of Friday’s lunch in a great container that I picked up at Old Navy.  In it The Youngest has, a lamb shape PB and J with a couple of stawberries with it.  In the other side she has a tiny yogurt, some cucumbers and light ranch dip, a few grape skewers, and finally some Koala’s March cookies from our trip to the Asian grocery.  There were only two grapes left when this came home!  The idea for the sandwich was lifted from the book, Funky Lunch.  You should check it out for some fantastic and easy sandwich ideas!


Here’s a better look at the lunch:

Totally cute right?

That’s all for now, don’t forget our giveaway is still going, you know you want to win some totally cool bento boxes, right?!?  In other news I bit the bullet and got a Twitter account, you can follow by clicking the link on this page, or by going to @bentofabulous.  It another good way to stay updated n my posts and giveaways, which there are more to come.  I currently am reviewing a really cool storybook app for Ipod and Ipad and will have a couple to giveaway as well! So stay tuned!

Have a great day,


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  1. Morela says:

    Hi, new follower from MFM. I totally LOVE those lunches. Can’t wait to read more of your posts.

  2. MissMOE says:

    So glad I clicked on over from the Tuesday Blog Hop. We love Bento Boxes at our house–you have lots of great ideas. I’m a new follower–feel free to check out my blog.

  3. Stephanie, I am LOVING that pb&j. I need to check out that book from the library.

    Found you via TT blog hop and am following. :) Follow back at

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    Hi! I’m a new follower from Wonder Wednesday! I’ve always wanted to try more Bento! I love your ideas!


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  6. New follower from tips 4 green hop. Already a fb fan I find your food very inspiring. I am starting to offer more choices and try some of your creative ideas for my guy. Thaks for sharing.

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    Happy Saturday and I am following Hope your weekend is great
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  9. Super cute!

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    Have a great weekend!

  10. Katy says:

    Oh how cute!!

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    I’m from the Boost my Blog hop. Great ideas! I look forward to future posts.

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