Catch up Wednesday . . . .well maybe Thursday.

It’s been a few days since my last post and I’m not really sure where the time went.  Okay maybe I do know where the time went things have been crazy around here lately!  Friday my husband got into a car accident, he is okay thankfully except for being sore, the truck however is not okay. It is totalled. So we spent the weekend finding a new (used) truck for him and trying to manage his pain all the while working and setting up a new truck.  As if this weren’t enough The Girls are both nursing sinus infections and our cell phones are suddenly not working in our home. The latter might not seem like a total disaster except for the fact that my husband uses his phone for business.  This means I spent almost the entire MLK holiday on the phone with tech support and running back and forth to the phone store all to find out that it was their problem and not mine! You’d think they’d check that first.  The cherry on the top of Monday was a trip BACK to the emergency room with The Husband because his back had gotten so much worse he thought something had to be really wrong with him.  Fortunately its just run of the mill “you got hit by a truck” pain.  So after a sick day for all of us yesterday, we are finally back amongst the living, just in time for more snow tomorrow night. Yay, I know I was Waiting for Snow not too long ago, but now I’m waiting for the snow . . . . to melt.  Oh well, you can’t have it all!

Now for the good stuff (thanks for listening to all my complaining!):

Even with all the craziness we did manage to get a trip in to the Dollar Tree and they didn’t really have much that I could use for bento making. There is a Party City nearby and I was able to run in and pick up some holiday picks and such for upcoming occasions so the trip was not a total failure. Later on that day I had to pick up a prescription at Walmart and I was able to find a couple cute thing there too.
Here’s a photo of my haul for the day :) :

Let’s see, the Valentine candies and cupcake liners are from Dollar Tree,  the Wilton heart picks at the bottom are from Walmart (they are super cute little honeycomb tissue paper hearts!) and the rest I picked up at Party City.  I figure that rabbit stuff can be used for the upcoming Chinese New Year as well as Easter!

I’ll be back later with some bento posts, as well as a great muffin recipe The Oldest made up!  The insurance adjuster should be here any minute to look at the wreck of a truck in my driveway, so I have to run!  Wish us luck!

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6 Responses to Catch up Wednesday . . . .well maybe Thursday.

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Great blog design. Cute decor :)

    I’m a new GFC follower. I came across your blog on the Blog Hop.

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    Thanks, look forward to your posts.

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  2. Hi, just blog hopping to wish you a wonderful weekend.

    New follower, Yoli :)
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  3. Mindy says:

    Found you from the Blog Hop! What a fun blog you have. Like you, I also crochet–feel free to check out some of my projects over at my blog. ;-) Enjoy the weekend!

  4. Nancy says:

    Visiting from the blog hop. I’m so glad I found your blog.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    • Tong says:

      oi AMELIE,(eu adoro esse nome,je1 percebi q ne3o e9 o seu,rs rs ,vc gosta ne9?!),em prrimeio lugar me chamou atene7e3o os cabelos soltos,ficou mto bom,deu um ar super natural ,e depois tudo mais que perfeito p um look casual ,vi melhor a sande1lia,as fotos ficaram f3timas,ela e9 muito linda,esse tom combina com quase tudo ne9?,e p terminar nesse post vou dar meus cre9ditos p a pashmina que eu amo!bjkas ate9 o prf3ximo!

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