The New Year

So here it is 2011 and I just can’t wrap my mind around it. I mean, how the heck did this happen? It seems as though it was just the 90′s, and now we’ve just headed into the second decade of the 21st century. Well I’m not going to make any long winded resolutions, just this: I WILL BE THE BEST ME I CAN BE. What a cliche right? Well it’s true, I have been feeling lately that I am not working up to my fullest potential in many areas of my life and I think that this year is going to be the one that I finally get off my butt and stop being proud that I am a ”classic underachiever” and simply begin to ACHIEVE. Not exactly sure what this means, but maybe you guys can all stick around and we’ll find out together!

With that said, on to the bentos!!!

This was The Oldest’s lunch this morning, in one of her new bento boxes that Santa brought.  Inside she has hard salami and chicken breast rolled up on her new music note picks that she found in her stocking Christmas morning, along with some cheddar tulips and ham and turkey blossoms.  I got the idea for those over at hapa bento.  Check out the site it’s amazing! Thanks for the great idea! The Oldest also has sliced English cucumber and a Lindt snowman, along with some red grapes on swizzle stick “skewers” and carrot sticks.  This came home practically empty, so I’d say it was a success!

The Youngest only took a snack with her today as she bought the school’s lunch offering. Her snack is in one of our very first bento boxes that we ever got a couple of months ago when this crazy obsession started!  Anyway, hers has some mini kabobs with pineapple, red and green grapes. Naval orange wedges and mini teddy grahams with some strawberry cream cheese in the little cat container round out her snack. After the picture I put the lid on the little container of teddy grahams, because once they got micheivious and snuck out onto the fruit and were nasty mush all over the place by snack time.  The Youngest didn’t eat her snack that day and read me the riot act when she got home, “IT WAS GROSS, and I had to eat plain Cheerios from the teacher!!” Oh the humanity. Only about half of the cookies came back uneaten when she got home, everything else was gone, so I’ll take it!!

I don’t know about all of you other bento crazies out there, but along with what The Girls got from Santa, I also received a few cool things in my stocking for bentos and thought I’d share.  My Girls did most of the picking out on their own and I was impressed with their two finds which were both one dollar a piece.


From The Dollar Tree,  these are pretty cool. Ten to a pack and you can see from The Youngest’s snack above that they hold quite a bit,  while still being able to put the lid on AND close the bento.  The lids on these are not super tight so I wouldn’t recommend putting really liquidy things in them, but for a dollar you can’t go wrong!

Next we got these from Staples: 

Also one dollar, I haven’t tried these yet, though the lids aren’t very tight on these either.  The reason I haven’t tried them yet is because upon unwrapping, The Youngest promptly confiscated one and turned it into this:

Know what it is???!!?? It’s an American Girl Doll bento lunch!! Custom made by my five year old! She’s got quite the eye don’t you think? Ugh . . . I’ve created a monster!

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