Delayed reaction

So Christmas is officially over and the New Year is upon us, time just keeps on moving at a break-neck pace and I can’t seem to slow it down! The Girls are off for the school break and we have mostly been lounging around and organizing. I guess that is what this time off year is for, I notice that Walmart and Target think so too, because it seems all the holiday displays have been replaced by plastic bins and space bags! Anyway, not much on the bento front since we are home from school, but I do have some older ones worth the mention from before the break:

This one has has some garlic toast mittens made from Arnold Artisan Oven Flatbread that I cut with a mini cookie cutter and brushed with olive oil and garlic salt,  string cheese snowmen and a mini clementine.  This is all pretty appropriate since we live in the northeast and just got almost 2 feet of snow the day after Christmas.  The Youngest was watching me over my shoulder just now and said “This is my best one ever!” I guess she liked it when I made it! Nothing like a delayed reaction.

Next we have an unhealthy bento!  They are pretty rare in my house, but The Youngest begged for it so this is what she got:

Leftover mac and cheese, bologna roll-ups on red and green heart picks, star cukes with ranch dip in the Christmas tree container(thank you Dollar Tree!), holiday shaped marshmallows with a jelly ring and a mini clementine.  Not exactly the healthy bento structure that I usually go for, but its the holidays, right?!?




Last, we have a snack bento for The Youngest with:

A baby bel cheese, the last of our Lady apples, some grape skewers on picks we found at Target and the infamous holiday marshmallows.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting pretty sick of the limited fresh fruit options during the winter months! My girls are getting sick of it too! Any ideas that anyone has would be greatly appreciated!

I added this to What’s for Lunch Wednesday! Click here to check out all the other fantastic creations!!

Bento Lunch

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3 Responses to Delayed reaction

  1. Mine likes frozen veggies, so I’m thinking of freezing berries next Summer and trying them out in the Fall/Winter. The veggies thaw nicely by lunchtime :)

    • Stephanie says:

      That’s a great suggestion! I actually tried some frozen blueberries from Trader Joe’s, The Youngest complained they were “TOO JUICY” so back to the drawing board! We also like the freeze dried fruit, but she’s getting sick of that as well! Maybe a dry run on the vacation with the frozen veggies is in order!

  2. Eva says:

    I really like the garlic toast mittens. Usually I only get bread into my bentos by making it a sandwich, but I love this idea. Thanks!

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