Busy, busy and trying to fit it all in. (While mostly failing miserably!)

So I’ve neglected my blogging again.  Time just seems to kick my butt, especially since I’ve taken some extra hours at work.  I’m hoping to be able to get a better routine in, as far as posting goes.  You see I’m pretty good about taking pictures of the lunches and snacks, but not so good about posting them!! I’ll get there I promise!!

In other news, I’m coming up on my blog-aversary.  Can’t believe a year has gone by since I started this silly little thing! In that time this blog has been visited almost 10,000 times!! I’d love it if that counter turned over to 10k around the same time as I hit the year mark on December 5th! Wouldn’t that be so geeky cool? To help me out would all you great fans of mine do me a favor and share my little blog with your friends and family?  You could share me on Facebook, tweet about it or whatever! Couldn’t we all use a little cute lunch in our lives??  I would super appreciate it and as a thank-you I’ll be hosting a giveaway on my anniversary chock full of cute bento goodies I’ve been collecting appropriate for boys or girls.  It’ll be sweet, I promise!!

Now on to the bento!!

This first one was a “sidecar” bento to go along with The Youngest’s thermos jar filled with soup earlier this week.  In it she had a clementine flower, some grapes on our homemade picks  (Check out my how-to, it’s super easy), a BabyBel with a star cutout and a tiny container of “space” cheese crackers.  That little container I picked up at Dollar Tree, it has a lid, which is perfect because she had been complaining that the fruit made the crackers soggy sometimes.  Problem solved.

Next is one of The Youngest’s snacks.  She wanted it to be sparkly so in this she has grapes on diamond picks (picked these up at Homegoods in the bartending section, they were kind of sharp so I filed down the ends a bit before using them.), some Raisels in a heart container and a BabyBel cheese with a crown cutout (actually its just a snowflake that I partially pressed in the cheese.)

This is a rare snap of The Oldest’s lunch.  This one went along with a thermal jar filled with ramen from the Asian grocery, some crazy flavor that she loves that has pictures of beef bones on the outside.  In it she has a clementine, snap peas, baby carrots, star cheese cutouts and mini oreos.

Here is another that belonged to The Youngest.  This lunch features Trader Joe’s chicken drumettes with sweet chili sauce for dipping, mini Ritz crackers, a strawberry, grapes on turkey picks and cheddar cheese cubes. Yum!

This is Friday’s snack for The Youngest.  Simple vanilla yogurt with bluberries and strawberries to mix in.

This is The Youngest’s lunch from yesterday, in a neat sandwich container we picked up at Homegoods for $3.99, the lid snaps shut and it even came with a butterfly sandwich cutter!  In it she has a ham and cheese slider with a cheese leaf decoration, grapes on owl picks, sliced cucumbers with ranch dip and chocolate covered pretzels for dessert.

Phew!!! That’s alot of lunch! Hope I didn’t overwhelm you! Thanks for sticking around till the end and don’t forget to share, share, share, so we can hit !0,000 and have that great giveaway!

Have a great day,


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Quick Halloween wrap up

can’t believe it’s been more than a week since my last post! We’ve been busy around here, went away this weekend for a fun little get away, hopefully I’ll be able to post about that more later.  In the meantime here are a few Halloween bentos that have been sitting around my camera’s memory card!

Here’s a snack bento for The Yongest, it has a small apple, some Fruit Loops, a couple of cheese ghosts and some clementine pieces.

This is a lunch bento also for The Youngest. This one has crackers, grapes on pumpkin picks, some salami and a Mallomar spider for dessert.

Here’s a bento for The Youngest that was for snack as well as some extras for lunchtime to go along with her thermos.  It’s our new ladybug bento that we picked up at Old Navy.  You can still order these online, I believe they are on sale right now.  In it she has grapes on Halloween picks and a Jack O’ Lantern apple in the top tier.  The bottom tier has pretzel rods and cookies with homemade apple butter for dipping.

So that’s all I have for now, got to head to work for the day.  Hope to post more later, but for now . . .  .

Have a great day,


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Yet another Halloween snack . . .

Just a quick one, only have a shot of The Youngest’s snack today.  She bought her lunch at school today and The Oldest had a thermal jar filled with chicken ramen for her lunch.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling a little more creative, although I don’t have many supplies in the house for that right now.  We’re headed out of town this weekend (more about that tomorrow) and I’m avoiding a large grocery shop so food doesn’t go to waste! So for now all I have is this:

This is shot with the new camera I won on Ebay, not much difference yet but still haven’t mastered it’s many features, so stay tuned, hopefully my pictures will be improving!  Hoping to construct a lightbox in the very near future.  Anyway, in the bento snack The youngest has jello (that she HAD to decorate with this leaf confetti that I promptly REMOVED after the photo was taken!), a cheese stick made into to ghosts, some wheat thin crisps and a few grapes skewered on some Halloween picks.

That’s all for now, but I will leave you with this photo we took while our getting fresh apples and pumpkins this weekend.  I had shined up an apple for The Girls to try and we decided it was too pretty not to snap a picture!

Have a great night,



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